DO YOU KNOW (30 Years Later) ©

2005 Jeffrey Lee / John Fucarino/ Vincent Girot

Do you know where you are?

Yes I think I am here

Do you know where you’ve been? Very far but so near Have you ever seen the sun? Only once in the night. Would you call it a star? Maybe not but I might When the sun leaves the sky, is it night or just dark? With the sun in your eyes could you still hit the mark? I don’t know if I could I’ve been blind for so long. Always thought I was good but I guess I was wrong. Do you know who you are? Yes I think I am me. Do you know who you’ve been? That’s a mystery to me. Are you chasing the moon or being chased by the sun? The light has left me too soon to see my shadow run. All these questions running ‘round my brain 30 Years Later I search for answers but it’s all in vain 30 Years Later I’ve dragged them through the years like anchor chains 30 Years Later All these questions running ‘round my brain. Just answer one last question if you would be so kind. If the sun left for good would it blow your mind Answer one last question. Just answer one last question. Answer one last question.