©2005 Jeffrey Lee / John Fucarino / Vincent Girot

You, You, You

I can read the signs that tell me stop or turn
And the ones that warn me that I might get burned
But You’re so hard to read what can I doi
My eyes are fine but I get no sign from
You, You, You

If I sign along the dotted line
Would you take away everything that’s mine?
You’re like a mystery without a clue
It’s like I’m blind ‘cause I get no sign from
You, You, You

You’re like a neon sign in front of me
But only half the letters light 
I try to understand you but nothing seems quite clear
You flutter for a moment but the meaning disappears into the night

There are signs in the stars above
They foretell of peace and war, of hate and love
The future and the past for all to see
But I just pine for a single sign from
You, You, You